Combining the right light with significant energy savings

Illuminate the darkness with beauty

Arianna's mission

Our mission is to design innovative and cutting-edge LED lighting systems that take advantage of the Total Reflection patent, providing the right light while achieving high energy savings

Light looking forward

Whether it is a town square, road or tunnel, a gym or a swimming pool, the task that Arianna has set itself is to find the right balance between the best possible lighting and maximum energy savings by trying to improve this balance. It is a continuous commitment to innovation and improvement, both from the point of view of the process and the result. Arianna's LED lighting systems illuminate roads, roundabouts, cycle paths, parks, tunnels, large commercial areas and sports fields. A starting point for development that has new market segments and new frontiers in its sights. LIGHT LOOKING FORWARD Sums up the mission by equating it with a light that looks forward. A light that never goes out because it is never satisfied and does not stoop to compromises. A light turned towards a future made of needs and new possibilities. A light that thinks about tomorrow and the future of those will be living there

Arianna's reliability and quality

Made in Italy, Safety, Customized design, Reliability

Effective response to real needs

Whether it is LED street lighting, efficiency of industrial or commercial areas Arianna always offers a targeted project

Arianna Worldwide

Arianna is an international player, serving more than 20 countries worldwide. With an efficient organizational structure and the development of integrated logistics with our international partners, we’re confident we can light any situation with environmentally friendly innovative technological solutions

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