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Lighting Services

Light is a tool aimed at energy saving and people’s well-being. This is why we are at the service of customers to optimize savings and provide the right lighting solutions. Thanks to lighting, it is possible to influence the mood, make places welcoming and improve mental and physical well-being.

It is important to choose the right light by studying for each application the most suitable solution that takes into account specific standards and individual requests. Our team of professionals is available to study together the lighting calculations for each project.
The potential of the LED and the technological innovation developed by Arianna are put in a network with the management and control systems in order to further reduce waste and allow a more prudent use of resources. The solutions provided simplify the management of light points by exploiting the potential of sensors and programming. They also generate energy and economic savings.

Energy Audit

Arianna offers its customers, where necessary, a preliminary inspection to promptly evaluate the existing plant. Height of the poles, interdistance, type of installation, type of road or space to be illuminated. The know-how and experience of these years guarantees professional and rigorous analyzes which together with the knowledge of the relative regulations ensure careful and tailored planning. The analysis on the installed projectors also allows a calculation of the economic return (pay back) which allows to evaluate the feasibility of the investment.

Lighting calculations

Each element is studied in detail to ensure that the final installation is performing, complying with industry standards and compliant with light pollution laws. The design is aimed at illuminating only where it is needed, avoiding wastes of energy, the choice of the tested product that is more performing according to the needs and requirements of the client and is done through professional lighting engineering calculations. Arianna is available to customers to provide this sales support for each type of supply free of charge. Arianna's advantages are the know-how acquired with experience in the sector and the possibility of preparing a personalized configuration of the lighting fixtures. The lighting calculation is one of the fundamental components in large installations and is also prepared in the case of replacement of existing luminaires, ensuring significant energy savings thanks to patented technologies and customization of the existing lighting design.

Maximise savings

Thanks to the tested quality of the extremely efficient and effective products and the innovative remote control systems, Arianna is able to offer the most advantageous solution for its customers, in terms of energy savings, environmental sustainability and reduced maintenance costs, calculating the return on the investment (Payback), and the saving of CO2 emissions.

Post installation assistance

After each installation, it offers the possibility of on-the-spot inspections and technical tests complete with post-opera lighting verification according to UNI standards. One of Arianna's strengths is the attention devoted above all to the installations of the lighting bodies inside the tunnels, where luminance and uniformity of lighting are fundamental for the safety of motorists. In this regard, the team engineers have specialized in these tests and have been equipped with special instruments, such as the luxmeter and the image luminance meter, to analyze in detail the correspondence with the project and the road regulations. This analysis involves carrying out surveys of precise luminance and illuminance values on the road surface in selected areas of the roadway.

Smart City

Arianna with the use of LED technology products is committed to growing and developing the "smart cities", the smart cities where the most advanced technology allows you to save on the consumption of energy resources, reduce polluting emissions and improve the quality of life of many people. The Arianna remote control proposals allow: adjustment of appliances (on/off), adjusting light intensity according to the movement of vehicles or pedestrians to control energy wastage and remote anomaly detection.

The perfect lighting for any application

Sports, industrial, roads and tunnel lighting, with their own peculiarities and strict specifications, are addressed by our designers with the aim of minimising energy and maintenance costs. Technological innovations, connected and smart lighting this is our direction to ensure safety for people and well-being for the environment.

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