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Sport lighting solutions

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energy-saving sport lighting solutions

illuminazione sportiva per impianti sportivi a led per campi da calcio e tennis
the issue

Lighting in sports facilities is a current and urgent problem: for athletes, adequate lighting, even in training, is essential for good performance. And the crowd too, accustomed to high-quality television images, wants to see the action perfectly.

Evaluation of the existing system
the solution

The Arianna Sport Module stands out for the radical change in light emissions, but also for the huge savings in installation and power consumptionthe company’s exclusive patents and methodical analysis of the optics have led to an innovative floodlight design that ensures the light beam reaches the playing field with absolute precision, in every situation. With this solution only the lamp needs to be replaced, in each fixture, thus reducing installation costs. Installation is also very fast: each floodlight is supplied by Arianna with precise characteristics, calculated specifically for the point of installation.

Design with innovative technological solution
illuminazione negli impianti sportivi massimizza il risparmio
real savings

Installing Arianna products means a very fast return on investment.

The energy savings guaranteed by Arianna LED projectors are around 50%, but thanks to the choice of high-quality materials that eliminate maintenance and the total reflection applied to the optics of the projectors, Arianna is able to ensure savings that far exceed 70%.

Calculation of the energy savings and reduction of the CO2 emissions
Cost estimates for the latest generation system and payback

Arianna Sport LAB, our exclusive project that has only one goal: the perfect result

To best tackle your work challenges, you need passion. To be able to achieve your goals, dedication, application, commitment and study are essential.

Simple, elementary. And yet..

And yet until yesterday SportLab did not exist. And yet until yesterday athletes were engaged in the competition between sweat and commitment. The technicians to train them, the experts to comment on the performances and those whose task it is, like us, to provide light to the facilities that housed the athletes, their staff and their spectators, who limited themselves to putting their data on the field, believing they would be able to offer the best service.

It took us a while too, but we realized how much calculations and passion, diagrams and sweat, graphics and adrenaline must go hand in hand. We have put on the table some of the best experts in light sources, sports specialists and experts in sports facilities so that we can observe our goal from each point of view, without focusing excessively on one at the expense of another. The roundest way to guarantee the highest visual quality to athletes, technicians, experts and to the public.

At Arianna, we are convinced that great successescan only be obtained from significant collaborations. We wanted to open the doors of our laboratories to the experience of those who are familiar with the structures we serve and with those who practice sport. A new way of approaching our work, without ever ceasing to guarantee constant and continuous assistance to our customers.

LED and specific configuration for minimal dispersion allows the Petrarca system to ensure maximum energy saving, high visual comfort and low maintenance

The system uses the exact amount of energy needed: for training, competitions or even for partial use of the pitch or court. The thermal study reduces the heat emissions and guarantees a long-lasting system with little maintenance

Adaptable to any field thanks to Petrarca's modularity, with unique visual comfort thanks to patented reflection optics. Maximum system strength due to choice of materials and radial thermal design

telecontrollo arianna led

Connection Ready

Arianna is able to offer smart solutions tailored to all customers that will optimize savings while reducing waste to the minimum, thanks also to remote control.

The remote control allows you to stay up-to-date on the efficiency of the individual projector (signalling malfunctions), to control the ignition and shutdown of the projectors at a distance, to set specific lighting scenarios (competition, training, partial use of the field) and it is equipped with an automatic shutdown of the system if the field is not being used.

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