Queen Alia Airport Amman, Jordan

Arianna celebrated the arrival of 2016 by lighting the access areas of the Queen Alia airport in Amman, where one hundred fifty-eight Snell lighting fixtures were installed.

The purpose of the project, accomplished thanks to the partnership with Elef and a local partner, was to adapt the lighting of the avenues facing the airport in Ammam. 

In addition, to participate in the project, Snell fixtures were tested in the laboratory and found to be compliant with the requirements of JAS, the Jordanian body that ensures compliance of products with quality and safety standards and is responsible for consumer protection.

The benefits in terms of light pollution and the safety of citizens are also significant: the avenues, in fact, are evenly illuminated, thus guaranteeing the safe flow of traffic.


To illuminate the driveway to the airport, and the parking area, one hundred seventeen 140 W and fifty-one 105 W Snell light fixtures were installed on 12 metre poles, using the Q optic to adequately illuminate both the street and the pavements.

The efficiency in terms of energy and economic savings was the decisive factor in choosing to install this street lighting that allows waste-free uniform lighting . The technological characteristics of the lighting fixtures installed have fostered energy savings of 60%compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lighting.

Snell light fixtures were conceived to be performing from the energy saving perspective so as to guarantee a return on investment within a few years.


This pilot project has allowed us to be shortlisted among the major world players for the lighting of the city of Amman – proudly says Alberto Giovanni Gerli, founder of Arianna S.p.A. – Working on such a prestigious project for our first installation in the Middle East was a remarkable achievement. This is a receptive market also in terms of public lighting and we hope that the Amman airport represents the beginning of a fruitful collaboration‘.

– Alberto Giovanni Gerli, Founder of Arianna S.p.A.

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