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Caravella & Monte della Corte Tunnels

— Imperia, Italy
Galleria Caravella & Monte della Corte LED autostrada
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The Caravella and Monte della Corte Tunnels form part of the Autostrada dei Fiori (A10) in the province of Imperia. They are both motorway tunnels and therefore involve one-way traffic. The shortest, the Monte della Corte, measures 180m while the longest, Caravella, is 150m. Both tunnels were lit using Petrarch tunnel in the various versions. For the permanent area, along the entire length of the tunnel, we used Petrarca 1, a module with low fluxes, while for the reinforcement area, where high power spot lights are required to reach very high fluxes, Petrarca tunnel with 2 or 3 modules was used.

The new Petrarca tunnel lighting guarantees exceptional energy savings, as well as enhanced lighting along the entire length, successfully eliminating any shadow areas. Arianna combines maximum energy savings with ultra glare containment ensuring a safer and more convenient tunnel for the client.

In the two tunnels 170+208= 378 pieces of Petrarca tunnels were installed in the various configurations: 1, 2, 3 modules with counter-flow optics, for the luminaires used for reinforcement, and symmetrical types for those of the permanent lighting.
In the Caravella Tunnel we managed to lower the power by 40% and decrease the number of luminaires by 30% compared to the first LED project presented in 2016. In the Monte della Corte Tunnel we achieved the same excellent result compared to the 2016 LED project: A 40% reduction in power and a reduction in the number of luminaires.

All the data mentioned were confirmed after the post-installation technical lighting inspections were performed by professional engineers specialising in tunnel lighting.

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