Minox Family

Minox is the family of stainless-steel floodlights with LED technology for tough and corrosive environments like tunnels. 
A unique technological solution to illuminate all sections of the tunnel, from the first to the last metre

The hyper modular stainless steel projector

There is often dust, fumes, humidity, drips and, of course, exhaust fume pollution in a tunnel. So, the electrical appliances will need to withstand an extremely corrosive environment.

Arianna’s products are the brainchild of research, design, development and highly accurate industrialisation.

To make the new AISI316L stainless steel tunnel floodlight unique, the R&D department have come up with an entirely solder-free light that maximises the resistance to aggressive environment because it does not use other materials on the outer structure.

The choice of components and raw materials used in Arianna is followed very carefully with a view to ensuring long product life. The maintenance or replacement of lighting fixtures involves high management costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Minox is designed to make installation easy and replace existing methods thanks to its limited weight and universal bracket.

High efficency

With Arianna, efficiency is not limited to the light source alone, but rather is amplified by series of technological details and new structural features that increase savings. With proprietary optics made from anodised aluminium with PVD coating and reflector reinforced with pure silver, 98% reflectivity

Sustainable development

For Arianna, sustainability takes concrete form in the creation of quality products that respect the resources of the environment and the future of people. A principle that has always inspired the design of all products


Arianna guarantees maximum quality and efficiency tested to optimise the energy saving and durability of the products. AISI 316L full stainless steel body, providing maximum protection from the elements, humidity, smog and corrosion

Patented universal bracket

The Minox tunnel floodlight is supplied with Arianna’s patented universal bracket, a solution that solves the static shape of the brackets currently available on the market. It is a bracket for universal cable trays with variable geometry, consisting of three moving parts: two sliding side plates that give lateral stability and a central plate with variable height that is able to manage different heights of cable tray

Minox is modular durable versatile

Minox guarantees the right lighting in different types of motorway and road tunnels. The modular nature of the system means it can comply with all the project requirements both at the entrance and along the entire length of the tunnel

Reinforced lighting - Minox MINI

It is highly modular and can be used with three configurations for the additional section. For its reinforced lighting solutions Arianna has chosen counterbeam optics. By eliminating the vertical and symmetrical components from the light emissions, the resulting beam generates much higher luminance levels, for the same power, than different types of optics; consequently, the design lighting specifications can be achieved with much lower power consumption and thus lower investment costs in materials and significant energy savings. the single module in the Mini version can be repeated two or three times to reach flux values of up to 42,000 lumens

Permanent lighting - Minox MINI e MAXI

It is highly modular and can be used with two mini and maxi configurations for the permanent section. For permanent lighting, the patented symmetrical total reflection optics guarantee the best lighting in terms of uniformity, glare and energy efficiency. it is available in the Mini and Maxi sizes for flux from 3500 lm to 14000 lm


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