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San Giuseppe Tunnel

— Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Galleria San Giuseppe Ascoli Piceno illuminazione tunnel
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Lot 3 Center – Tuscany | Marche | Umbria

The San Giuseppe Tunnel is located along the SS4 Via Salaria in the municipality of Ascoli Piceno (AP) and consists of a single two-way pipe structure of approximately 1 km. The new Arianna luminaires were installed in the two central raceways at the traffic lanes, respecting the number of existing luminaires. For timely replacement of the luminaires, special brackets were designed to respond to the particularities of the system. The collaboration between the client and Arianna’s R&D department led to excellent results, both from a technical and a mechanical point of view.
The installers were able to carry out their work with the support of the mechanical designers.

#GREENLIGHT the project of maximum safety and energy saving won by Arianna.

Arianna’s team of mechanics in the R&D department guarantees customised anchoring systems for each installation, a fundamental prerogative in the #greenlight project. The tunnel numbers are 408 fixtures installed and 70% of energy saved.

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