The Arianna Team

A great team

A small team, a great team

Over the years Arianna has divided its organisation into departments, with key figures for each segment: technical, sales, marketing and lighting design. Constant exchanges of ideas and training, together with common objectives and values, are the basis for teamwork in which enthusiasm is the driving force to reach the end result.
Each individual is fundamental, both due to their actual function and the universe they bring with them. A cohesive group in which interaction is the fuse that ignites new ideas, and diversity is the basis for growing together as individuals and as a group.

The research we have developed underpins every operation and allows us to offer products that increasingly respond to customer needs, with a view to continuous improvement. Arianna’s products are the result of meticulous research, design, development and industrialisation.

Technology, innovation, energy saving and environmental protection

These are the guidelines that have always defined the work of all our departments and have driven their growth

Arianna’s Research & Development department

Our R&D department has always been committed to designing high quality products capable of maximising energy savings.

In the space of a few years, three distinct design departments have been created inside the team: optics, mechanics and electronics.

Optical design

The reflectors that manage the LED light sources are designed in-house. Continuous collaboration between the departments means we can identify the best optics for each project, so as to minimise energy consumption and thus prevent waste while protecting the environment. Light only where it is needed, without shadow areas

Electronic design

The Arianna R&D department uses the best design software. 3D CAD solid modelling is enhanced by simulations of product durability, natural frequencies and heat transfer, so as to optimise the product and ensure high performance

Electronic design

To ensure reliability and maximise product performance, careful selection of the components is essential. After being verified by our engineers, light sources, drivers and power supplies are tested by third parties to confirm their performance

A high-quality and tested product

The Arianna quality department has established tests and testing plans to ensure high product quality. 

Arianna certifies the compliance of its products with the international regulations in force, also through periodic tests carried out by certified outside laboratories, recognised by ACCREDIA.

Arianna can provide its customers with all the reports relating to the photometric, colorimetric and electrical characteristics of its luminaires, while the ENEC mark is issued by a third-party certification body (UL).

In-line testing

In addition to the tests carried out by certified outside laboratories, Arianna verifies the quality of its entire production with accurate end-of-line checks using specific testing equipment. The main functions of the LED luminaires (measurement of power consumption, LED current, dimming test, switch-on) are tested on 100% of Arianna products. The test reports are all recorded and filed and are available at any time for product traceability

Safety and performance

Third-party safety and performance laboratories periodically carry out the following tests on Arianna’s products:

• mechanical strength
• IK rating
• static load (wind) test for fittings and fixings
• thermal tests up to 50ºC
• IP water and dust test
• insulation resistance
• dielectric strength
• earth continuity
• power measurements
• resistance to corrosion (salt spray)

• IEC/EN 60598-1 Luminaires
• IEC/EN 60598-2-3 Luminaires for road and street lighting
• IEC/EN 60598-2-5 Floodlights
• IEC/EN 62031 LED modules

Five years warranty

Reliability is one of Arianna cornerstone while designing and producing quality Made in Italy luminaires