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The use of the patent for total reflection in the tunnel makes Arianna’s floodlights different from all the others: the performance, in counter-flow optics and in symmetric/asymmetric optics, is guaranteed by a specific and articulated customer support design and certified by institutions.

The optics of the appliances designed internally by Arianna’s design center, with the use of first choice components, ensures a robust and reliable high quality product particularly suitable for the “zero intervention” goal in a problematic area demanding maintenance. Arianna uses the patented optical applications to design a “light response” to the progressive adaptation of the eye within the galleries.

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Reinforced lighting

Using the various patented optical designs, we can come up with a “lighting response” to the eye’s progressive adaptation inside tunnels. With its innovative international patent and the high quality of its products, Arianna provides just the right lighting solution for tunnels. With its know-how and experience, it ensures the safety of people as well as high energy savings.

Products Phileo, Petrarca

High visibility from the first to the last meter

For its reinforced lighting solutions Arianna has chosen counterbeam optics, giving a distribution of light in which, the maximum intensity of emissions is aimed in the opposite direction of traffic.

By eliminating the vertical and symmetrical components from the light emissions, the resulting beam generates much higher luminance levels, for the same power, than different types of optics; consequently, the design lighting specifications can be achieved with much lower power consumption and thus lower investment costs in materials and significant energy savings.

Inside the tunnels, lighting systems must meet strict reliability, ease of maintenance and light quality requirements to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow.
Thanks to technological innovation – covered by the international patent – and the quality of its products, Arianna guarantees the right lighting in the galleries. The consolidated know-how combines maximum safety for those who drive with high energy savings.

Permanent lighting

Sicurezza ed efficienza: un binomio vincente per l’illuminazione delle gallerie che Arianna sposa attraverso l’utilizzo della tecnologia brevettata al servizio dell’efficienza dei sistemi illuminanti.

The tunnel lights are designed to interface with the remote-control modules.

Products Phileo, Petrarca

Visual comfort and energy efficiency

The possibility to choose between a wide variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical optics guarantees the right lighting in terms of glare and uniform efficiency in all road and motorway applications.

Permanent lighting, active 24 hours a day, must be very attentive to consumption while maintaining high performance to ensure safety. These were the starting points of the studies made by Arianna’s designers to design the floodlights for this section of the gallery.
Safe materials, low weight and ease of installation to reduce management costs in a context where interventions are always very delicate and invasive.

Connection Ready

Today remote-control in tunnels assumes particular importance focused on guaranteeing an always high level of security. It allows to realize savings in the running of the plants and in maintenance.

It is possible to know the state of efficiency of the system at any time and, with the information obtained, to determine the philosophy of the maintenance intervention. At the right time, the system will signal the need to carry out maintenance on time, thus preventing possible malfunctions and optimizing times for maintenance personnel.

Furthermore, programmed dimming set times allows a considerable reduction in consumption.

Arianna's Products

The products and applications represent the result of study and research, they are the synthesis of a targeted design path