10 years warranty

Our reliability

Reliability is one of Arianna cornerstone while designing and producing quality Made in Italy luminaires

Arianna guarantees that the Products are made in compliance with current regulatory requirements, which are free from defects and which are guaranteed for 5 years, providing performance consistent with the technical characteristics that characterize them. The care for design and innovative technology are part of a larger project aimed at ensuring the right light in every context with attention to the ambient and energy saving. This is why we have chosen to extend the guarantee to 10 years, without additional costs and after registration, as additional insurance for the customer and as an unequivocal sign of seriousness and professionalism.

Our reliability


10-year warranty represents the certainty for the customer that it can count on long-lasting and reliable lighting solutions. Not words but deeds, safe installations and guaranteed reliability

Arianna warranty

The operation of the warranty extension is subject to its activation by the purchaser of Arianna's Products, by filling in and sending the appropriate form below. The activation of the warranty extension must take place within 90 days from the date of the invoice for the sale of the Products. In the absence of the activation of the warranty extension, in case of failure to complete the activation form completely and in case of exceeding the maximum limit of hours of use, the products are still covered by the 5-year warranty from the date of delivery.

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For customized warranty contact: infoitalia@ariannaled.com