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Why choose Arianna?

Arianna is a company founded in 2009 and specialises in the design and production of LED luminaires. We have developed three international patents that change light: for the first time, the emissions of each LED are directed to an internal reflector that projects them onto the ground.

Progettazione customizzata: illuminazione LED, luci e lampade a LED.
customized design

Optical, electronic and mechanical design followed by our in-house team of engineers to meet the needs of different applications through the development of new solutions, modifications and optimisations supported by the expertise of suppliers of the best components.

made in italy

Arianna closely follows all stages of the luminaire production process: from conception to realisation, through to final marketing. Only in this way can we guarantee high quality standards. Industrial processes are driven by the people who develop the designs.

Made in Italy is, for us at Arianna, a strong point and we are committed to ensuring that all steps in the supply chain take place in Italy.

Made in Italy: illuminazione LED e soluzioni commerciali di illuminazione.
Sicurezza stradale e sostenibilità: illuminazione stradale, sportiva e industriale.
safety and sustainability

To illuminate, Arianna has chosen patented reflectors that conceal the LED from view, reduce glare to zero and guarantee greater safety for drivers. In addition, light is also energy consumption, and the measures studied by Arianna's research and development team have led to the realisation of highly efficient lighting bodies.

We have strongly chosen our mission: to safeguard the quality of life by focusing on the safety of people and the environment.

total reflection

With the system patented by Arianna, the optical principle of total reflection is applied to LED lighting for the first time.

The light emissions of the single LED are conveyed towards an internal reflector which projects them uniformly towards the ground, reducing glare and making the illuminated environment a comfortable space.

Illuminazione industriale: protezione vista e comfort in fabbriche e luoghi pubblici.
Customised lighting services for every environment

We contribute to a sustainable future with state-of-the-art solutions for a safer and more energy-friendly environment. We optimise energy savings and provide lighting solutions.

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