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Specializing in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems, Arianna was established in 2009 with the idea of bringing together two seemingly distant worlds, namely electronics and astronomy: innovation and environmental protection, in short sustainable technology. These are the cornerstone values of the research we do here at Arianna.
The peculiarity of the lighting systems lies in fact in the use of the international patent on total reflection, filed in 2008, which revolutionized the optical principle widespread in traditional lighting.
Technology, innovation and energy saving are the guidelines that have always distinguished our work and determine our growth. The research developed within us presides over every operation and allows us to present products that are increasingly responsive to customer needs, with a view to continuous improvement.

Our story

An organizational structure constantly focused on innovation: Arianna with its exclusive international patents, means high-quality, precisely-configured and calibrated lighting, prepared to ensure maximum visual and energy performance on roads, in tunnels, large spaces and urban areas.

Arianna is a company founded in 2009, specializing in the design and manufacture of LED luminaires. Three international patents that change light: the emissions of each LED are conveyed towards an internal reflector that projects the light onto the ground.

Arianna has grown since 2009 and is now majority owned by Carel spa, an Italian multinational company specialising in electronics for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, that brings the assurance of solidity and reliability. CAREL represents Arianna as an opportunity from the point of view of industrial know-how, a sister company that shares values ​​and results for common growth.

Research and development are focused above all on care for the environment, safety and urban quality of living.

Arianna supplies high-quality lighting, even in the most complex contexts, through innovative technological solutions with a low environmental impact, rationalizing the points of light, minimizing light pollution, uniformly illuminating the ground and avoiding upward light loss. In areas where lighting is provided extensively, system efficiency accounts for up to 75% of the costs in the medium-term.

Arianna directly manages every stage of the luminaire production process: from design to manufacturing, sales, service and maintenance; its team features significant experience and specialization in lighting calculations: every single element is analyzed in detail to ensure a high-performance installation.

The heart of Arianna’s products in designed and built in-house. The luminaires are all made in Italy. The company’s SMD process ensure quality control of soldering on the LEDs and means faster product delivery times. Production cycle quality certification guarantees a safe and reliable product.

Is it possible to see well and save?

Arianna's Patents

Save on power bill

Thanks to Arianna technology, the city of Rome achieves an energy saving of 70% which translates into an economic saving of around € 6,500,000 per year in electricity costs

Respect the environment

In a tunnel or along a road, where the presence of light is prolonged, the incidence of system efficiency on costs reaches 75% in medium term, with important repercussions on the environmental impact

Protect your eyes

The technology used by Arianna allows to spread the light evenly, avoiding glare and offering pleasant lighting on the road and in the workplace

Total reflection

For the first time, the optical principle of total reflection has been applied to LED lighting. The light emissions of each individual LED are conveyed towards an internal reflector that projects the light onto the ground

Three international patents

To provide targeted solutions for different types of lighting

Deflective system

It consists of a reflector that collects and mixes the light emissions using one optical medium, and then projects the light uniformly using a second one. Applied in its basic form above all for street lighting, this system ensures uniform illumination, with no shadow areas, no glare and no dazzle

Backreflective system

Vy modulating the optical principle of Schmißt-Cassegrain telescopes, it focuses the rays of light and projects them over large distances. Generating an intense luminous flux, this system is used for floodlight towers

Lensflective system

It uses one optical assembly to collect the LED light emissions, and a second optical assembly that acts as a Fresnel lens, using reflection and not refraction. This system is applied on solutions that require projection lighting over shorter distances

Why choose Arianna?

Arianna is a public limited company with major multinationals among its shareholders, underpinning our commitment to quality and development as a leading name in the market cultivating an international reputation. At the same time, we’re also a small business, meaning that our industrial processes are driven by the actual people who develop the designs. And this is why each project represents a new experience working alongside the local authority or contract or company who recognizes us as a partner capable of expressing genuine values

Arianna keeps a close eye on all stages of the production process of the lighting fixtures: from conception to construction, right up to the final sale to ensure the highest quality standards. Made in Italy is a strong point and ensures minimal environmental impact because all the steps in the supply chain take place in Italy

Light is also energy consumption and the measures studied by Arianna’s research and development have led to the creation of very efficient luminaires.
In sports facilities, in galleries and in cities, we have strongly chosen our mission: to safeguard the quality of life by focusing on the safety of people and the environment

Here at Arianna, we devote special attention to the specific needs of each project, coming up with solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each site and each situation. Each element is designed based on lighting engineering calculations with attention to the tiniest detail to ensure that the resulting installation delivers in terms of performance. We also assess what changes may need to be made to systems to cater to real needs with efficient solutions

Light is safety. For anyone living in an urban space, for anyone travelling along a motorway or a country road, for anyone crossing a car park, a train station, a warehouse or a playground. Whether lighting a workplace or a city street, Arianna is fully committed to its mission: protecting the quality of life by making people’s safety a priority

Product certifications

Arianna certified quality

Iso 14001

Adopting this Environmental Management System means managing the environmental responsibilities in a systematic way contributing to sustainability

Iso 9001

Adopting this Management System for Quality means set rules and procedures that give the possibility to manage more efficiently structural, humans and economic resources through a careful planning and supervised activities

The 231 model is a code of conduct that companies subscribe to for transparency towards customers and in order to have a clear internal organization

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