Environmental sustainability


The new way of thinking

Arianna closely manages every stage of the luminaire production process: from design to manufacture and sales, so as to guarantee the highest quality standards. Made in Italy is one of our strengths, ensuring a minimal environmental impact as all of the steps in the supply chain take place in Italy. Arianna has adopted a strict environmental policy focused on saving energy.

Optimise every fragment of energy

Investments in innovation that support the decision to implement an effective energy saving policy. Naturally, a product’s value is not measured only in terms of reduction in energy consumption, but above all the optimisation of performance that it guarantees, while still saving energy.

Our patents reflect this choice to optimise every fragment of energy, collecting and multiplying each fragment with a kaleidoscope effect, where the focus is not on the product, but rather on the ability to make the landscape evolve, without violating it

Arianna’s smart technology rationalises the luminaires, minimising light pollution, ensuring uniform light and avoiding upward light loss

In a tunnel or along a road, where extensive lighting is needed, the incidence of system efficiency on costs can reach 75% in the medium term, with major repercussions on environmental impact. Similarly, in a sports facility or a production plant where intensive lighting may be needed, the high quality-to-energy consumption ratio brings immediate advantages

Arianna’s luminaires:

high performance and energy savings that give value and set the goal

Savings and quality

Minimum waste, quality and sustainability certifications on all finished products

Sustainable solutions

Partnerships with suppliers to develop increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions

Raw materials

Careful selection of raw materials to ensure maximum quality and therefore long life of products and materials

Made in Italy

Made in Italy ensures a minimal environmental impact: all of the steps in the supply chain take place in Italy

Environmental respect

Certified production processes to guarantee quality, care for the environment and worker safety

Meticulous design

Meticulous design to maximise product efficiency and minimise CO2 emissions

About Arianna S.p.a.

At Arianna we develop innovations that bring together two apparently distinct worlds, electronics and astronomy