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We illuminate with the right light

The mission high effciency solutions represents the synthesis of the Arianna model, the starting point and the ultimate goal in which the process of conception, production and marketing of our systems is inscribed.

Arianna products are made according to the national, European and international safety regulations in force. In particular, in the European territory, they are marked by the CE marking which certifies the conformity of the products with the safety requirements provided for by the EU directives. In non-European territories Arianna, where required, carries out the safety certification of its products at authorized laboratories or third-party national or international institutes.

Thanks to the patent on total reflection, Arianna’s lighting fixtures guarantee excellent results in visual comfort and high uniformity of lighting, high performance with reduced energy consumption. The different product families are designed to illuminate roads, road and motorway tunnels, large areas and sports fields with the right light.

Ideal for both new roads and the replacement of existing systems, Phileo Pro combines low costs, high-quality materials and energy savings, all in compliance with current regulations.

Phileo is the new generation reflection light designed for street lighting.
Wave profile at the top, careful optical design, high-quality materials. Formats and solutions designed for all urban contexts.

For sports lighting, Arianna has designed a single product, a solution for all different lighting requirements. Petrarca is a modular spotlight that, with five different configurations and luminous flux from 3,000 to 155,000 lumens, ensures the right lighting for every space and every situation.

Minox is the family of stainless steel floodlights with LED technology for harsh and corrosive environments.
A single technological solution to illuminate all areas of the tunnel, from the first to the last meter.

Arianna case studies

We devote special attention to the specific needs of each project, coming up with solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each site and each situation