Arianna's technology

That is our pledge to you

Arianna projects are born to obtain maximum efficiency in any application. Observation of the context, study of the legislation, creation of the most suitable project for each application area.
Sport, street and tunnel, with their peculiarities, with their strict specific directives, are addressed by our designers in order to reduce energy and maintenance costs to a minimum. Technological innovations and smart lighting: our direction to ensure safety for people and well-being for the environment.


Arianna luminaires are designed to provide correct lighting in an array of different urban environments, as well as in out-of town settings.

Avenues, squares, cycle paths and pedestrian precincts, as well as roads carrying fast-flowing traffic… each come with their own unique set of requirements and are thus tackled on a case-by-case basis.


For reinforcement lights inside tunnels, we’ve developed targeted applications that couple specific lighting engineering features with high energy savings.

What Arianna brings to permanent lighting installations is superior uniformity.



Working out how to correctly light sports fields, sports facilities and gyms is a major part of our research work.

And our cost-saving and environmentally friendly approach make Arianna an ideal partner for facilities whose main aim is to promote physical health, individual skills and team spirit.

Arianna case studies

We devote special attention to the specific needs of each project, coming up with solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each site and each situation