City of Moriago della Battaglia, Italy

An increasing number of towns are replacing the old high-pressure sodium lighting with LED technology, and the municipality of Moriago della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso is one of them.

Here too, the municipal authority has installed Arianna LED lighting to improve public lighting and reduce energy consumption by 55%.

This intervention affected the main streets and the category ME4B provincial roads, and improved the safety of the motorists travelling in these areas.


One hundred twenty 80W Lola LED lighting fixtures were installed in the municipality of Moriago: this product stands out for its elegant and sober design created to integrate with the most diverse urban contexts.

The aesthetic qualities of the product are combined with the basic values of Arianna’s research and the result is energy saving and technological innovation. In fact, the use of the total reflection patent guarantees uniform lighting and high standards of visual comfort.

Arianna led projects

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