City of Motta Sant’Anastasia, Italy

Between the end of 2015 and the first weeks of 2016 Arianna lit up the whole Sicilian municipality of Motta Sant’Anastasia, located in the province of Catania.

One thousand four hundred Snell LED road and centre-road street lights were installed, replacing the old high pressure sodium and mercury vapour fixtures.

This allows Motta Sant’Anastasia to look to the future, improving the lighting of the city at a cost that is significantly lower than before. In fact Arianna designed the Snell series with a view to creating an energy saving solution that guarantees a financial payback within a few years. The new lighting in Motta Sant’Anastasia is remarkably performing and maintenance free. 


Thanks to the installation of 1,400 Snell fixtures, it was possible to achieve an energy saving of 58%  compared to the previous products. The main features of this type of lighting are maximum efficiency, minimum encumbrance and remarkable versatility.

The municipality of Motta Sant’Anastasia will also be able to obtain a return on its investment within a few years.

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