City of Sogliano Cavour, Italy

Arianna landed in Salento to illuminate the municipality of Sogliano Cavour, in the province of Lecce in the context of a renovation project of the city lighting system. One thousand thirty-two high pressure sodium lamps have been replaced with as many Arianna LED lights, thus obtaining energy savings of 60% compared to the past. Thanks to the presence of Arianna’s innovative technology, Sogliano Cavour can obtain significant energy savings and top performance reliability.


For the municipality of Sogliano Cavour, in addition to seven hundred seventy-seven Deflecto, one hundred ninety-eight Snell fixtures were installed, which guarantee top performance and ease of installation, as well as being maintenance free and future-proof, thanks to the modular approach of their inner components. Finally, fifty-seven Retrofit Kits were installed to complete the project and enhance the performance of the lighting fixtures, also fostering significant energy savings and lighting uniformity.

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