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Kofl Tunnel

— Bozen, Italy
Galleria Kofl Bolzano Illuminazione
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The almost one-kilometre-long Kofl Tunnel is the result of a project that seeks to reduce the danger of the road section in the municipality of San Pancrazio on the provincial road SP 9, the only road axis in Val d'Ultimo.
Safety has always been the main focus of the entire project and the lighting should have been up to it.

Bouygues E&S InTec Italia, who won the redevelopment tender, chose us at Arianna as their lighting partner. Thanks to the modularity of Phileo tunnel, the projector chosen for the Kofl Gallery, we were able to illuminate the entire tunnel.

1 product, 2 versions, different configurations 0 waste.

Where safety is paramount Arianna's patented total reflection optics are the plus that makes the difference. The lighting of the entrance area during the day requires very high luminance levels, which is why it is essential to reduce glare. Arianna, thanks to its patent and the choice of hiding the light source, ensures glare levels well below the required limit (around 2%).

Even in the permanent zone, along the entire length of the tunnel, the lower-powered, low-consumption Phileos ensured exceptional uniformity, which allows perfect visibility for those driving through the tunnel section of the state highway.


A truly exceptional gallery combining cutting-edge technology and high design. With its lighting, Arianna has succeeded in guaranteeing total uniformity without any shadow zones, while saving more energy than all competitors.
The beauty of the gallery's architecture was enhanced by the careful studies of the Arianna team's designers. It is this kind of realisation that makes us proud of the meticulousness put into every single calculation. It is these kinds of works that push us to keep improving. Because the gallery is a challenge for many, and we at Arianna arrive and excel where many stop.

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