Arianna lighting fixtures light up in Malta.
After the award of the tender won by Arianna with Aid Ldt., the first installations in the Maltese territory began.

The tender consisted in the supply and installation of approximately three thousand lighting points throughout the national territory for illuminating urban and country streets using efficient LED technology integrated with a Smart city remote control system.

For the tender, three versions of Phileo fixtures were chosen (Phileo, Phileo mini and Phileo suspended), which allowed the replacement of all existing sodium appliances.
Phileo proved to be the winning solution to provide the correct amount of light when and where needed, both when installed on poles and on overhead lines, thanks to the remarkable installation adaptability and the combined optics.

The total reflection patent applied to all the floodlights that make up the Phileo optical system, along with the specific lighting engineering studies carried out by the team at Arianna’s, have optimised both visual comfort and energy efficiency in every street, offering energy savings of 65%.


The street lighting supplied were Phileo, Phileo mini and Phileo suspended of different power sizes (from 30 to 90 W) for an efficiency of up to 145 lm / W.

The fixtures are fitted with the Reverberi module for the remote-controlled management of all the light points.
The result obtained by Arianna products is the compliance with the lighting technical regulatory limit with a reduction of energy costs by 65%.

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