Monsvano Tunnel (FI)

The Monsava Tunnel is part of the #greenlight Tuscany lot project, awarded by Bouygues Italia. The tender for the redevelopment of tunnel lighting for all ANAS tunnels involves 7 lots and we at Arianna are the partner chosen by 4 of the successful bidders.

The Monsava tunnel is located on the SS 67 Tosco-Romagnola state road in Pontassieve (FI).

The intervention involved the timely replacement of the old fixtures installed with the latest generation LED floodlights, capable of reducing consumption and increasing safety. In developing our proposal, our designers were constrained by having to maintain the positions of the light fixtures, which had been arranged following an old standard, now obsolete. We carried out detailed design work to make sure that the same provision could bring the tunnel into compliance with the requirements related to the most recent standard.

The new lighting of the Petrarca tunnel guarantees exceptional energy savings, as well as improved lighting along the entire length, capable of eliminating shadowy areas while respecting the new standard. Arianna combines maximum energy savings with maximum glare reduction for a safer and more convenient tunnel for the customer.


The Monsava tunnel is a two-way tunnel of approximately 700m with a single pipe structure and two lanes. The Petrarca Tunnel was installed in the CRI 80, 4000 K configuration with radio wave remote control for both the permanent and reinforcement lighting.

In all, 226 Petrarca Tunnels were installed for the two pipe structures with a total power of approximately 17.5 kW. Previously there were the same number of SAP appliances (400/250/150/100 W) but with a total installed power of around 50 kW. The energy savings are approximately 65%

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