Montagnola Tunnel – #GREENLIGHT

The tunnel is located along the SS 16 Adriatica, in the municipality of Ancona (AN), and consists of a single two-way pipe structure with two lanes.  The devices are installed on two channels above each lane.

The Petrarca tunnels by Arianna, chosen by Bouygues E&S InTec Italia S.p.A., promptly replaced the lights present, guaranteeing energy savings and visual uniformity. Also for this project of the ANAS #greenlight tender, Arianna fully satisfied the client’s requests.

The Petrarca Tunnel perfectly meets the tender requirements: an increase in the level of safety and a reduction in consumption.

228 reinforcement and 240 permanent fixtures were installed, 468 fixtures in total with a total power of 30kW (70% less than the previously installed power).

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