Netball, New Zeland

Arianna’s sports lighting fixtures were chosen for the netball courts in Tauranga, New Zealand. Petrarca, in the sport version, ensures uniform lighting with zero glare.

Advanced lighting technologies, our New Zealand partner, decided to take on this new sport lighting project. A project based on research and development, a unique patented system and the ability to offer the highest energy savings.

Measurements made after installation assessed the quantity and quality of light, colour rendering, uniformity and glare control. The shared project between Arianna’s technicians and the New Zealand designers led to exceptional results that far exceeded expectations.

The 10 netball courts at the Tauranga sports ground have 14.7 m high posts.

The project involved installing on each post two 6-module Petrarca sport lighting fixtures (154,000 lm and 4000K). For sports lighting, Arianna has designed a single product, a solution for all different lighting requirements.

Petrarca is a modular spotlight that, with five different configurations and luminous flux from 12,000 to 150,000 lumens, ensures the right lighting for every space and every situation.
Petrarca optics are designed to guarantee maximum performance and reliability: silver-coated aluminium reflectors with maximum reflectivity (97%). By applying the total reflection patent to the reflectors, the spotlight can guarantee very high efficiency (module efficiency up to 170 lm/W) without glare.



High modularity: Petrarca’s configurability means the Arianna design team can provide solutions that consume only the power that is needed, while ensuring the right light for every situation, from small paddle courts to large football stadiums.

Patented reflection optics the light source is concealed from view, ensuring very high levels of visual comfort that allows players and the public to enjoy the sporting experience with zero glare.

Radial thermal design that disperses heat in the most optimum way, guaranteeing long system life with the objective of zero maintenance

Innovative remote-control systems to ensure exactly the light that is needed is provided for training, competition or partial use of the facilities, guaranteeing comfort, efficiency and minimising power consumption at all times. Arianna and its LED guarantee global and uniform illumination, absence of glare, an excellent vision for athletes and spectators in all the different areas of the court, from whatever perspective you look at it.

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