Olbia-Sassari, Italy

Within the territory of the municipality of Olbia, Arianna brought its LED lighting to two junctions, a viaduct and an subway in the new section of the State Road that connects Olbia to Sassari, guaranteeing right from the start significant energy saving with a uniform illumination and top performance.

In fact, Snell light fixtures were installed with a configuration specifically designed for lighting two-lane country roads: such products are capable of generating excellent luminance performance and of providing longitudinal uniformity, in order to ensure the safety of motorists at night.


Close to junction 2 of the SS 199 fourteen 104 W pole-top Snell, three 75 W fixtures for the lighting of the viaduct and six 44 W stringed Snell for the subway were installed.

At junction 12, instead, ten 104 W pole-top Snell were installed, whereas forty-five 73 W fixtures were installed in the viaduct.

In this way, the new artery can boast uniform and cutting-edge lighting, with remarkable energy savings.

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