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Cookies policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device. They are commonly used by websites to function more efficiently. For more information on cookies and on how these are used, please see
To find out which cookies are stored on your computer, see

What types of cookies are there?
There are several different types of cookies:
technical cookies
these are cookies used for those activities needed for a site to function, relating to saving of preferences and compiling statistics, however only if used directly by the site manager and only in aggregated format, not individually.
profiling cookies
these are used for profiling, advertising and retargeting, by social networks and for statistics, managed by third parties.

What types of cookies does Arianna use?
The cookies described in the table below can be managed and disabled on the website. It should be remembered however that disabling some of these cookies may limit the content displayed on the site in question.



How to manage the cookies


Cookie Header

Set the browser to accept or refuse

The header on each page of the website will display a message alerting users to our information on privacy & cookies. If the message has been displayed at least once, the browser may not display it again. A cookie is used to remember this setting. All the data are anonymous.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies collect statistical data in aggregated format to enhance site performance and navigation. We have implemented IP masking so as to avoid additional information being made available on each individual user. In this way, Arianna does not know your IP address. For further information, see:


Set the browser to accept or refuse

WordPress is this site’s CMS. This uses a cookie when logging in and logging out, and is required for the site to function.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

The privacy policies may change between social networks and depend on the settings you have set up on each platform. To limit and review your preferences, we recommend that you check these settings.

In order to easily “Like” or share our content, we have included social network buttons. Privacy policies vary depending on the social network and the settings that users have made for each platform. To limit and/or review your preferences, it is recommended to check these settings.


Other types of cookies are also used, and can be disabled by going to

These cookies are:
Google Adwords: this information helps us assess the efficiency and performance of an ADV campaign pointing to the pages on our site. We also use this information to improve our communication messages in subsequent campaigns.

Mobile device: if a user displays the site on a mobile device, the cookie detects that the main site has been selected (and consequently the device is able to run flash), rather than the non-flash version.

How can cookies be managed?

In addition to the alternatives described above, users can refuse, accept or remove cookies originating from this site at any time via the browser settings.
For further information on how to modify the cookie settings in the most common browsers, see the list below:

Please note that a short message will be shown as a banner when our website is first opened, and that by closing this banner, scrolling the page, clicking a link or continuing to navigate the site in other way, you agree to the use of cookies.