Quadrilatero Marche-Umbria, Italy

Back in July 2016, as part of the Quadrilatero Marche-Umbria project, Arianna illuminated the junctions along the SS 318 state road, in the municipality of Perugia.

In particular, public lighting systems were built at the critical points, represented by the intersection areas in the two Pianello and Valfabbrica junctions, in order to increase the level of safety during road use at night. The two junctions in question include acceleration and deceleration lanes, and the Valfabbrica junction also features a roundabout illuminated by a lighting tower.


Arianna’s lighting system contemplates the installation of lighting fixtures of different powers on poles that are 10 m high and positioned 30 m apart, while in the roundabout the floodlights are mounted on a 30 m lighting tower. For the SS 318 Pianello-Valfabbrica state road twenty-four 245 W Snell fixtures were installed; for the Pianello junction thirty-eight 165 W, nine 245 W Snell fixtures along with four 65W Titlis fixtures were installed; for the Valfabbrica junction, where the roundabout is located, eighty-two 165W Snell, eleven 350 W Teseo and two 205 W Teseo fixtures were used.

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