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Sports lighting

Arianna and its LED guarantee global and uniform illumination, absence of glare, an excellent vision for athletes and spectators in all the different areas of the court.

illuminazione negli impianti sportivi massimizza il risparmio
energy saving

The energy savings guaranteed by Arianna LED projectors are around 50%, but thanks to the choice of high-quality materials that eliminate maintenance and the total reflection applied to the optics of the projectors, Arianna is able to ensure savings that far exceed 70%.

Products for sports facilities
Lighting solution for sports facilities

Cutting-edge technology, modularity, total reflection patent, innovative radial thermal design, remote control, energy saving for all sport facilities.

Design with innovative technological solution

The Arianna LED sports module is distinguished by a radical change in light emission and significant savings in facility and energy consumption. Thanks to the company's exclusive patents and the study of photometrics, it allows for an innovative intervention on the LEDs of the projector, enabling the light beam to reach the field with absolute precision. This solution allows for the replacement of only the lamp, point by point, reducing the cost of intervention. The installation in the field is very quick: each projector is built with precise characteristics for the installation point.

High modularity

Solutions capable of consuming only what is necessary and giving the right light on every occasion, from training to competition

Patented optics

Light source hidden from view for high levels of visual comfort in order to live the sporting experience with zero glare

Remote control

To use exactly the light needed in training, competition or partial use of the field with reduced consumption

Radial thermal design

To best disperse heat and ensure long system lifei n the aim of guaranteeing zero maintenance

Made in Italy