Tennis courts Montecchio, Vicenza

We are in Montecchio Maggiore in the multipurpose structure of the town. The tennis club has 5 clay courts, 4 of which are covered for the winter season. Arianna was entrusted with the task of making the 4 covered playing fields more efficient in order to obtain optimal lighting and a reduction in energy costs.

Thanks to the collaboration between the technicians and designers of Arianna spa and the club managers, the best solutions have been studied to ensure maximum visual comfort, without shadowy areas, using the same positions as the existing 400W floodlights.  Petrarca’s highly performing asymmetrical reflection optics made it possible to combine lighting performance with large energy savings, as photometry optimises the lighting in the playing field without wasting light in the structure.

Technical details:

In all courts, a one-to-one replacement of the existing floodlights was performed. Petrarca 1-module floodlights of 153 and 206W were supplied, arranged according to the various assembly heights of the tensile structures of 5 or 7 meters.


The Petrarca LED floodlights equipped with a very high lm/W LED efficiency were installed to replace the SAP 400W floodlights, generating an energy saving of 63%. The average illuminance in all courts exceeds the average 400 lux with a uniformity of 60%.

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