Canottieri tennis ground, Padova

On the occasion of the Padua Challenge Open, women’s international tennis teams, the collaboration between Arianna spa and the Canottieri of Padua led to technological innovation in the world of sports lighting.

Arianna’s modular and configurable technology have made an important result possible. Lighting for tennis courts without shadows and compliant with the regulations relating to the type of competition. Lighting that guarantees perfect vision for players and the crowd.

The design made by Arianna’s technicians, supported by the Canottieri team, allows players to perceive the correct depth of the court. More direct and less dispersive light, illuminating only where it is needed and without waste, giving the most natural sensation of light possible on the court.


Arianna products are the best ally for sports lighting, thanks to the total reflection optics, which allow direct lighting without glare.

Petrarca optics are designed to guarantee maximum performance and reliability: silver-coated aluminium reflectors with maximum reflectivity (97%). By applying the total reflection patent to the reflectors, the floodlight can guarantee very high efficiency (module efficiency up to 170 lm/W) without glare.

Every sport has its own standard lighting requirements (NEN-EN), which change according to the type of game, the speed at which it is played, and how far the spectators are away. Required lux values on the playing field or court vary from 75 to 500, depending on the class (I-II-III).

For the Canottieri tennis courts, scheduled to host Women’s Tennis Internationals, the requirement was for 500 lux on the entire court and high uniformity.

To meet these requirements, we installed two Petrarca floodlights on each post. The first with two 39,000 lm modules, and the second with three 72,500 lm modules. The uniformity obtained in this way exceeds 75%.  The Petrarca fixtures installed were designed to replace 1000 W sodium floodlights, thus guaranteeing energy savings of 60%.

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