City of Novara, Italy

For the adaptation of the lighting of the municipality of Novara, Arianna put forward a high-tech LED solution. The goal of the municipal authority was to reduce energy consumption and to provide the citizens with a well-lit and safe town.

The project involved the installation of 550 total reflection Lola street lights and650 Snell LEDs to replace 1,200 mercury vapour street lighting. With a view to keeping costs down and reusing the existing system, the project was completed with the installation of retrofit kits. The installation of 750 Roma lights was also contemplated for illuminating the parks and other green areas in the city.

For this reason, the new lighting in Novara is remarkably performing and maintenance free.


The solution put forward by Arianna accompanies the Municipality of Novara in the process of transformation into a Smart City. The lighting is smart thanks to the remote control function which allows customised point to point management.

The  LED technology  increases energy savings  by significantly decreasing   energy costs: in fact, a total saving of 50% is anticipated. Thanks to this new system, the municipality can halve the costs of public lighting and energy consumption.

At Arianna we think that practicality, safety and energy saving are crucial elements. They are the starting point for the study of all our products.

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