City of Rome, Italy

Rome needed more than a standard product from the catalogue. Rome needed a product fit for the peculiarity of a capital city.
Compared to the other cities, the streets in Rome are generally broader and the pavements are wider. In order to meet the lighting requirements set out in the tender, Arianna studied special optics, developing atom optics which were then combined into optics defined as molecular capable of satisfying the required lighting levels.

The suspended version of the LED lighting fixtures was installed, in order to illuminate the streets of the historic centre where it was not possible to plant poles.
For pole installation, Phileo fixtures were installed in different configurations according to the diverse road requirements.


Historic centre, urban and country roads: replacement of about fifty thousand lighting points, nine thousand of which overhead (Snell suspended) and forty one thousand with pole installation (Phileo).
The results fostered a 60% energy saving compared to the previous lighting system, visual comfort and a dramatic downsizing of the urban colour specifications.

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