Industrial applications

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In the workplace it is essential to provide the right lighting which must be able to guarantee safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

Safety to prevent injuries and accidents at work, productivity because the right lighting can help workers concentrate better and perform tasks more precisely, and energy efficiency to reduce business costs and reduce environmental impact. It should not be underestimated how lighting can improve the aesthetics of the work environment and create a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for those who live in the environment.
Each area has its own specific luminaire capable of responding to specific needs in terms of brightness, duration and safety.

uomo ingegnere che controlla lampade stagne in un ambiente industriale

Analysis, study, comparison have allowed Arianna s.p.a. to embark on a new path in industrial lighting. A new application area where Arianna wants to be present in her own way: with products of extreme technical quality, long-lasting, efficient and effective.

lampada stagna per applicazioni industriali

Leonardo: the waterproof lamp at the top of the technical performance

In areas with ceilings up to 6 meters high, we have studied a product with maximum technical performance capable of making the place comfortable with the right visibility.