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Leonardo is a new lighting system capable of responding to all requests. Born for industrial lighting up to 6 m in height, it is also ideal for warehouses, parking areas and all those environments with high stress factors such as humidity, extreme temperatures, chemical and welding fumes


The waterproof lamp at the top of the technical performance

The diffuser applied to Leonardo came from the need to create a unique product for industrial lighting that would provide maximum visual comfort without glare but without causing the system to lose efficiency. The applied technology allows absolute control of the light beam that ensures uniform light where it is needed, a reduction in direct glare, which prevents eye fatigue, improves visual comfort for workers, and maximum efficiency for low energy expenses and a very quick return on investment.

Maximized energy efficiency
Improved lighting effect
Maximum sustainability up to 168 lm/w
Uniform illumination and visual comfort with UGR range 19-23
Product specifications
Product specifications

Extremely lightweight PVC body (0.9 to 2.0 kg), with convenient side openings with captive clips for easy maintenance and wiring. Quick and secure installation thanks to mounting brackets made entirely of stainless metal (both the inner and outer parts). Variable spacing to fit all pre-existing installations.

Leonardo is a watertight lamp that we can recommend for all kinds of industrial installations even those classified as problematic. The product design is robust with high protection against water and dust, and very high mechanical protection. These levels of protection make it the most reliable solution, even under difficult conditions. Guaranteed temperature resistance FROM -25° C to +50° C.

High energy efficiency, ease of installation and long product life. Thanks to the use of latest generation Power LEDs, low power supply current and an innovative diffuser bring considerable benefits to the luminaire in terms of efficiency, system and lifetime. After 50,000 hours of operation, 90% of the LEDs still emit 90% of the initial flux.

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