Memo Geremia gym

Even the gym at the Memo Geremia sports facilities today has new light. Arianna’s technicians have designed lighting capable of guaranteeing an area without shadows or annoying glare for the players.

LED technology and the technical and design choices have improved the quality of lighting and energy performance: instant switching on and off, management of floodlights for partial lighting, high efficiency LEDs and quality materials all guarantee energy savings for the entire system that exceed 75%, with a return on investment of just two years.

Over the winter, halls, swimming pools, gyms and tensile structures are the places most frequented by both younger and older athletes: Arianna helps look after them, so they can enjoy their sport with the highest comfort, making the experience unique. Padova rugby club continues its ethical commitment, with “green” fields and gyms for a better future for young players!


For the indoor spaces we have supplied our versatile and compact SNELL fixtures, in the quick-fit version. This technical choice allowed all of the existing fixtures to be replaced without expensive building work. Snell is the family of floodlights with a small footprint and great versatility. Thanks to the variety of optics, it can adapt to different lighting needs, the most advantageous solution in terms of energy saving and ease of installation thanks to the many accessories available.

Snell has been conceived as a modular fixture, with the same outer body housing different optics depending on the specific lighting requirements. Thin, lightweight, small in size, Snell is the primary ally in contexts where energy saving is the main driver.

The SNELL fixtures installed were designed to replace 35 250 W SAP lamps, thus guaranteeing the facilities energy savings of 75%.


The gym was built to accommodate volleyball, basketball, athletics and gymnastics competitions and training. 21 SNELL 107 W recessed floodlights have been installed, with symmetrical concentrator optics at a height of 7 m.

Snell’s extremely high-performance optics ensure high illumination on the playing field not only by reducing the number of light fixtures (from 35 to 21), but also by significantly reducing the unit power of the individual floodlights. This gives a total saving of 7 kW installed, equivalent to 75% less power consumption.

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