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Petrarca 3.0

Petrarca 3.0 provides highly efficient lighting and energy-saving solutions.


Illumination of sports areas with the new floodlight

The Petrarca 3.0 is distinguished by the use of technological advancements and technical refinements that allow for superior lighting performance compared to its predecessors. Thanks to a combination of innovations in optics and lighting engineering, this system offers flawless, configurable light to suit any context, without compromising users' visual comfort.

The Petrarca 3.0's advanced optics are designed to eliminate the glare that often characterises other lighting solutions, ensuring a pleasant and unhindered lighting experience.

The new Petrarca 3.0 perfect for sports areas and sports fields

This pioneering approach not only improves the efficiency and reliability of lighting, but also helps to promote a more comfortable and healthy environment. By minimising the negative effects of artificial light on the human eye, the Petrarca 3.0 aims to create harmoniously lit spaces that promote the well-being and productivity of individuals.

This is especially important in contexts such as offices, schools and home environments, where the quality of lighting can significantly influence our mood, concentration and visual health in the long term.

Full integrated lighting for any space
Highest performance through patented optics
Compact, modular and easy to install
LED solution for energy savings
Product specifications
Product specifications

The new laser aiming device provides reliable support for accurate light beam direction, making alignment and positioning easier and more precise.

In addition, the integrated anti-glare visor ensures clear and comfortable vision, protecting the eyes from excessive brightness and allowing greater concentration on the task at hand. Thanks to these innovative features, the device becomes an indispensable ally for professionals and enthusiasts who require precision and safety in their daily activities.

The new light fixture represents a significant technological advancement in the lighting sector. 

Petrarca 3.0 benefits

  • new LEDs of the latest generation
  • new modularity
  • greater output less surface area
  • reduced weight
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