The new light of Arianna.

Phileo Pro is a LED street lighting luminaire with an innovative design, continuing the Phileo tradition.

The new Arianna family of street lighting luminaires.

Ideal for both new roads and the replacement of existing systems, Phileo Pro combines low costs, high-quality materials and energy savings, all in compliance with current regulations.
It has been designed to reduce production costs while maintaining the high performance of the Phileo family.


Phileo Pro is the technological evolution of Arianna luminaires

Optical system

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IK09 impact resistance

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Anodised aluminium reflectors

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The Phileo Pro optical system confirms the success of Arianna’s reflective optics.


The anodised aluminium reflectors coated with a layer of pure silver guarantee 98% reflectivity, maximising the performance of the LEDs and visual comfort, ensured by the total reflection system.


All models have enhanced IK09 impact resistance, thanks to the extra-clear 5 mm tempered glass, guaranteeing an extremely robust and safe fixture.

Connection Ready.

The new luminaire is suitable for all existing remote controls as well as future innovations, with the common goal of creating connected, smart cities.

With Phileo PRO, virtual midnight can now be remote-controlled. . The luminous flux of all the luminaires in this line can be adjusted from the electrical panel without wiring or fitting other devices on the luminaire, using a configurable remote control unit.
This innovative feature ensures an extremely flexible luminaire with the highest efficiency.

The remote control can be installed together with the luminaire or later, exploiting the standard Zhaga connector that ensures easy connection of the infrastructure.


The design integrates the wave profile concept in the upper part, paying homage to the success of the Phileo family and emphasising the family feeling, while the three volumes that represent the luminaire’s functional blocks are merged together.

In the same way, style and functional requirements meet to create a versatile and contemporary product, guided by innovation.

The taut surfaces at the top meet the essential lines at the bottom, creating a compact and elementary yet at the same time highly-dynamic combination.

Dario Martini
Industrial designer responsible for Phileo Pro

Profilo a onda

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Its wave profile disperses heat through its surface and increases the convection of air from below to carry the heat away to the outside.


The total reflection optical system, which maximises the effectiveness of luminous flux and minimises wasted light off the roadway, combined with very high efficiency in terms of lumens/W, mean these luminaires can guarantee a high system parametrised efficiency index (IPEI) in all urban contexts.

Pedestrian and cycle path




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From 2020, the minimum environmental criteria threshold for public street lighting systems is class A, and will be raised to A+ starting from 2025. With Phileo PRO, this minimum threshold is already easily surpassed.

Create your own part number

Arianna provides its customers with a new configurator to precisely identify the required part numbers from the Phileo PRO family. 
After having chosen the desired CRI-CCT combination, a page opens showing all of the possible options to create a luminaire configured to meet your needs. 
Based on the options chosen, a summary table will be shown, with the possibility to download the specific datasheet for each part number.
Check it out now!