Memo Geremia rugby ground, Padova

Following the great results achieved on tennis courts and in medium-sized facilities, the challenge for Arianna’s technicians was the Memo Geremia rugby ground in Padova, home to international competitions. The rugby ground where Padova’s top-flight team Argos Petrarca trains, now has new light.

Arianna’s modular and configurable technology has made an important result possible. Lighting for training grounds without shadows and glare. Lighting that guarantees perfect vision for players in every position on the field. Our designers have devised an combination of optics that ensures more direct and less dispersive lighting, providing light only where it is needed, without waste, while giving a feeling of natural light that allows players to perceive the correct depth of the playing area.

Thanks to Arianna technology, the Padova rugby facilities are now ethically committed to the environment, with better lit and “greener” grounds!


Petrarca is the family of modular floodlights that can be adapted to different lighting needs for any type of sports field, the most advantageous solution in terms of technological performance, energy saving and ease of installation. The total reflection optics make Arianna floodlights for sports lighting the player’s main ally, providing glare-free light.

Petrarca’s optics, thermal design and high quality materials guarantee the floodlight the highest performance and reliability. The high power LEDs and total reflection patent ensure very high efficiency (module efficiency up to 170 lm/W), without glare.

Every sport has its own standard lighting requirements (NEN-EN), which change according to the type of game, the speed at which it is played, and how far the spectators are away. Required lux values on the playing field or court vary from 75 to 500, depending on the class (I-II-III). Lighting class III was the requirement for the rugby training grounds, and we in fact achieved 100lux average on the entire field, with uniformity exceeding 50%. Despite the difficulty in lighting ground number 3 due to the lighting towers being erected on one side only, thanks to the effectiveness of the Arianna floodlight optics that allow the entire light flux to be directed only where needed, without waste, we succeeded in fully complying with the regulatory requirements for illumination (≥ 75 lux), uniformity (≥ 0.50) and glare (GR ≤ 50).

The Petrarca fixtures installed were designed to replace 2000 W sodium floodlights, thus guaranteeing energy savings of 60%.


The lighting towers for the playing fields have been equipped with Petrarca floodlights, with 2 and 6 modules and power ranging from 400 W to 1200 W. Number 4 roto-symmetrical optics are used, positioned based on the lighting calculations performed by our expert in sports applications.

For the rear of the grandstand, the Petrarca 3 module model with number 1 symmetrical optics has been chosen for diffused and uniform lighting in the spectator transit area.

Replacement of all the previous fixtures will reduce both CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

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