Swimming pool in San Pietro in Casale, Bologna

The lighting system is a fundamental element for every swimming pool both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

Here we are at the sports complex of San Pietro in Casale in the province of Bologna, where the installation of the Arianna floodlights has guaranteed energy savings of 62%. The new lighting has provided a new scenographic imprint capable of ensuring more comfortable swims by enhancing the shapes of the pool and the surrounding structures. Arianna products are designed to ensure the best possible lighting combined with durability, thanks to the materials chosen and the careful thermal study.

In the structure that houses the pool, 42 Arianna floodlights have been installed with excellent efficiency, capable of illuminating only where it is needed without waste, to increase visual comfort and to maximise savings. The uniformity of the light is fundamental in sports contexts, to improve the performance of those who practice sport and for coaches, instructors and for the public carefully watching the sport.

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