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Steelox, FULL INOX modular floodlight for harsh environments with maximum resistance

The perfect floodlight for harsh and corrosive environments

Steelox is a family of full stainless steel floodlights with LED technology designed to meet the complex technical demands of the harsh and corrosive tunnel environments. With a flux of over 80,000 lumens and a power output of up to 550 watts, it is designed to ensure perfect thermal dissipation management despite the use of stainless steel.

Arianna has come up with a unique technological solution to solve the critical issues of reinforcement lighting at tunnel entrances. Steelox is a family of modular floodlights capable of adapting to different types of tunnel, road and motorway, and able to meet all design requirements.

Careful mechanical study and laboratory tests confirm it as the ideal product for the entrance area of tunnels, where high powers are required to achieve the flow rates required by regulations.

Full integrated lighting for any space
Highest performance through patented optics
Compact, modular and easy to install
LED solution for energy savings
Product specifications
Product specifications

The technological choices and study behind the development of the Steelox floodlight have led to increased energy savings, with efficiencies of up to 160 lm/w, and structural innovations that enhance its energy performance: 98% reflective optics, extra-transparent glass to maximise light transmittance, and corrosion-resistant high power LEDs.

For Arianna, sustainability means creating quality products that respect the environment's resources and people's future. Steelox is designed with the optical module separated from the driver, allowing for a longer product life and more efficient maintenance and replacement.

Full AISI 316L stainless steel body, ensuring maximum protection from atmospheric agents, certified and validated power supplies, internally tested reflector material for corrosion resistance. The heat sink, on the other hand, is made of aluminium due to this material's ability to dissipate heat.

Steelox tunnel floodlight is supplied with Arianna’s patented universal bracket, a solution that solves the static shape of the brackets currently available on the market. It is a bracket for universal cable trays with variable geometry, consisting of three moving parts: two sliding side plates that give lateral stability and a central plate with variable height that is able to manage different heights of cable tray.

proiettore per impianti di gallerie e tunnel led arianna STEELOX 150
SteeloX per gallerie e tunnel: Arianna LED.
proiettore per gallerie e tunnel arianna led STEELOX 400
proiettore per impianti tunnel e gallerie STEELOX 600
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